• A.H.C Hyaluronic Toner 100ml

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    Size : 100ml
    Manufacturer : AHC
    Place of Origin : South Korea

    Korean AHC Hyaluronic Toner 100ml Skincare Cosmetic Description

    •Keep your skin moist and gentle.
    •Moisturizing toner that moisturizes dry skin and dead skin.
    •Contains hyaluronic acid + floral ingredients to attract moisture (lavender, freesia, chamomile)
    •We will make you moist skin.
    •Five herbal ingredients give life to dark and dull skin.
    •Hyaluronic acid helps dry skin to stretch.
    •Pore Convergence Care

    AHC Hyaluronic Toner 100ml – How to Use:

    Apply it evenly according to the skin texture and tap it gently to absorb.
    Sooner or later, the essence of evenly applied to the surface, gently pat to be completely absorbed.

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  • A.H.C Black Eye Mask 10pcs/box

    RM99.00 RM67.05


    Eye mask containing Black Complex to revitalize bright and tight skin around the eye zone.

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  • 23 Year old Aqua Bab Modeling Mask

    RM88.85 RM76.40


    Rediscover skin care with the Aqua Bab Modeling Mask !

    + Soothing & calming.
    + Hydration.
    + Balance restoration.

    Brand : 23YEARS OLD
    Volume: 4 X (50g + 5g)
    All Skin Types
    Made in Korea

    How to used:

    1) Mix the crystal gel packet & the powder pack together in the mixing bowl.
    2) Stir the mixture with the spatula well until completely mixed
    3) Using the spatula, apply evenly over the entire face.
    4) When dried after about 20minutes, remove the mask, gently peeling in the upward direction starting at the bottom.
    5) Lightly tap the remaining essence on the skin to allow full absorption.

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